Cherry, Charles W (casual)

Charles W. Cherry II’s unique, practical, untraditional approach to achieving academic excellence is detailed in his classic book, EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE: THE BLACK STUDENT’S GUIDE TO ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

Charles’ dynamic speeches and seminars have educated and inspired students, educators, teachers, and radio listeners nationwide since 1993. Charles gets audiences to laugh, but most importantly, his audiences THINK AND LEARN DURING THE SEMINARS. His practical knowledge and enthusiasm for assisting students in achieving their own personal dreams and goals is unmatched.  His examples and anecdotes cause people to nod their heads in recognition. Participants go home with skills they can use before they leave!

Educational speeches and seminar topics include (but are not limited to) developing listening skills, goal setting, memory systems, note taking, test-taking, time management, avoiding academic distracters (sex, drugs, excessive entertainment), peer/study group interaction, and the importance of speaking ‘standard’ English.

Charles also has a wide range of expert knowledge in subjects of special interest, including American and African-American history, culture and politics, African world history, and world religions. He is a scholar who has extensively examined the lives, writings, and speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X).  Charles can be the perfect speaker for your American or world cultural observance, MLK holiday celebration, Black History Month or Juneteenth observance, family reunion, or any occasion where the importance of history and culture is to be emphasized.

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